Graphic Design

Creating a fun looking logo is easy, creating one that captures attention and sends the right message across takes a unique marketing skillset. It’s a skillset that takes many years to develop, because it requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior and how to relate unique visuals to each type of persona.

At FinalStep we focus on understanding the customer first. Once we know who the target consumer is, what they like, and what grabs their attention, we turn to the competition. We want to know how your competitors present themselves, so we can build your brand in a unique and creative manner that makes your company stand out.
The next step is the wireframe. Building a customer journey is one of the most important things in graphic design. Our goal is to guide the prospective customer in a way that’s most favorable for you, exposing your main selling points in the right order, and ultimately guiding them to the call to action.

Last but not least, we turn our attention to the visual. Creativity is what we pride ourselves on, it’s the first part of our slogan for a reason.
We employ some of the top graphic designers in the industry. We have experience designing everything from standard banners, flyers and brochures to complex illustrations, 3D logos and CD covers. We use the latest software and techniques to make sure our work stands out and captures the viewers’ attention.

We offer both original production and design enhancements. Graphics work must stay up to date with the fast changing consumer tastes. A simple tweak in the layout of a brochure can make the difference between a customer grabbing it off the shelf or reaching for your competitors. We can take your existing print or virtual material and make the necessary adjustments to keep your promotional material looking modern and optimized for your target market.

We have won awards for our graphic work and are always following the latest design trends. Please check out our portfolio to see samples of our recent work and contact us to find out how we can bring your vision to life! If you are looking for truly eye catching design that resonates with your target market, trust the top graphic design agency in NYC