Loyalty Marketing

FinalStep’s very first customer came to us in 1999 and is still with us to this day. What started as a mere $270 project has led to one of our largest accounts to date, 12 referred clients, and a great friend. It was this very gentelman who suggested we should offer loyalty marketing as a service many years ago.

We know how to build and nurture business relationships through both traditional and digital marketing channels. We are the top loyalty marketing service in NYC because we are more than a marketing company. We are relationship building experts who know how to analyze customer pain-points, incentivize engagement, and build on a successful relationship.

Loyalty marketing is what separates companies with a lot of one-time buyers from those with returning clients, high volume purchases, and word of mouth promotion. Developing a unique incentive program, sweepstakes promotion, and rewards system that resonates with your market requires precision and a deep understanding of consumer behavior.

We have vast experience in growing and nurturing consumer relationships and developing programs that increase customer life-time value. You work hard to bring in new business, and with our help your efforts will pay dividends for years to come.