Search PPC (adwords & bing)

Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter currently rank as the #2 best converting digital marketing method, right behind SEO. For many companies who do not have the luxury of waiting for over three months to reach page one the organic way or for those who want to test out the market before investing in a complex SEO strategy, SEM can become the go-to digital channel.

We are certified in Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter and have managed over 8k in daily PPC ad spend with excellent results. Our content writing experience allows us to draft ad copy that captures attention and leads to high click through rates, our advanced marketing analytics expertise helps optimize campaigns for peak conversion, and our website development team assures the landing pages are properly optimized and capturing leads at high rates.

Most PPC platforms are designed for simplicity, but the indepth understanding of the software, user engagement, and targeting are what make a campaign profitable. The days of using the Adwords planner to setup and run an entire campaign are long gone, and companies who have not adapted are losing money by the hour. FinalStepMarketing understands all the ins and outs of the quickly changing SEM landscape. We look at current analytics, time engagement metrics, device usage, content relation, conversion rates, and applicable profit margins to setup and manage campaigns that produce optimal results. We understand landing page and sales funnel to market compatibility, allowing us to conduct the entire campaign without third party support.

When done right, search PPC can be tremendously profitable; when rushed, it can cost a business thousands. FinalStep is here to help you avoid mistakes before they begin.

FinalStepMarketing has been the paid media management choice of over 60 successful companies, including start-ups and large national brands. Trust your campaign to the top PPC marketing agency in NYC.