Social Media

Social media engagement has become the core of marketing and few companies can survive without it. While many businesses become content with just maintaining a social presence, we know that’s not enough. We focus on building engagement with customers by providing content they care about, and building a viral effect for the brand.

We cover all the major social channels, including:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Google+
• Youtube
• Vimeo
• Pinterest
• Instagram
• Tumblr
• Meetup
• and many more…

Getting people to talk on your social platform is just the first step. Sales is always our ultimate goal and we understand retargeting as well as anyone. Whether you are looking for paid ad management or organic outreach we can cover all aspects:

• Page design
• Content writing
• Influencer and group research
• Ongoing communications
• Reputation management
• Analytics and conversion

Our social media marketing services focus on engagement first. Our goal is to build consumer interaction, which leads to virality, resulting in greater brand exposure and sales. We recently managed a political campaign, which resulted in over 2 million views on the core multi-media collateral.

Rather than publishing generic posts that gets lost in the clutter, we focus on building high quality content that hits the right pain-points and resonates with your customers. We understand the difference between communication styles on each social platform and work hard to build content that is right for each targeted social media channel.

We have experience doing social media marketing for local NYC companies, as well as brands all over the world. We know how to build engaging content as well as how to interpret advanced analytics. This is rare for our industry, but vital to our success, because it allow us to optimize campaign performance beyond the basic data provided by the social channels or google analytics.