Public Relations

Great PR is key to a successful business or product launch, re-branding, or ability to reach a mass audience without spending a fortune on paid media. Writing a great press release is only the first, and usually the easiest part of the process. The toughest part of public relations is the end goal, getting a high ranking publication to host your content, giving you mass brand exposure, building your credibility and consumer trust, and driving sales.

There’re 3 types of public relations we work with:

·         Editorial PR – getting various publications and influencers to distribute your content for free. This comes down to top quality content and excellent relationship building, which is our                         specialty.

·         Network PR – finding the right partners to endorse your content in a cross promotion / partnership type of arrangement. The goal here is to find the right partners for your specific business,             build a great repertoire, and develop a positive relationship to gain on-going engagement.

·         Paid PR – Negotiating with premium PR channels to get the best placements, at the peak times for your industry, and at the most favorable rates.

Trust the top public relations company in NYC to get you the exposure you deserve.