Reputation Management

Bad things can happen to good people. A recent client of ours was wrongfully sued, and while the company won the legal battle their great 24 year reputation was tarnished by the media in the process. The client was forced to lay off many employees and considered giving up their established company name and re-branding. We analyzed the situation and provided the client was thorough analysis that helped them understand how much of a setback each of the available options would be. After careful consideration they elected to contracted FinalStep, a trusted reputation management company to use white hat SEO tactics to bury the defamatory press. Within 6 months we were able to perge extremely competitive publications, including the NY Times, Reuters, and Law 360 from the first page of Google and Bing.

In an age where a single poor review can tarnish a reputable business, reputation management is vital to any company looking to sustain long-term growth. We can provide a wide array of solutions to assure your valuable brand name is safe and continues to project quality to customers.

We can help apply:

  • Reverse SEO to remove any negative publicity from your brand
  • Advance social media listening to find out what customers are saying about your products in real-time
  • Expert negotiation to work out a resolution with any unhappy customers and get poor feedback removed in a timely manner

Don’t wait until your brand suffers irreparable damage. Having high quality and ethical reputation management is as important as having insurance — trust the top reputation management agency in NYC to protect your brand today!