Video Production

It’s true, “Content Is King” and video- based content is where the most effective engagement lies. Just a few years ago, building a high quality video commercial for less than $20k did not seem feasible. Technological advances and market demand have changed this, making multimedia marketing readily available and nearly a necessity for any business looking to stay up-to-date, take advantage of all major social channels, and provide the content that users demand.

As with any modern marketing collateral, a lot goes into producing a high quality video. It’s vital to capture user attention in the first few seconds, drive call to action seamlessly throughout the pitch, incorporate brand messaging effectively, make sure the voice-over matches perfectly with the graphics, and much more.

We specialize in developing stunning animation, video, and audio production. We use the most innovative techniques and modern technology to assure our work is compatible with all current technology and leaves the viewer wanting to see more.

Whether you are looking for a simple website testimonial compilation, a 3D cartoon animated tutorial, or a virtual studio interview production, we can get it done.

We have access to professional voice-over talent and music producers to assist with development, and some of the best videographers in the industry to assure the final production quality is top notch. We can assist in finding photos that will appeal to your specific target market. We can even hand draw your content, for added authenticity.

We will use our marketing background to help develop your idea into an innovative concept and provide you with a product that will make your company stand out!

We can provide you with:

  • A script and production guidelines tailored to your product, brand and business goals
  • The best actors, video crew, audio professionals, and any other necessary staff
  • A professional studio environment and equipment
  • Animation, green screen editing, and any other multi-media design work necessary to make your video the best it can be