Capturing Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Capturing Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the emergence and rapid growth of COVID-19, our world has dramatically changed overnight. Not only are sporting events being cancelled and businesses decreasing hours of operation, but entire countries are mandating shutdowns and advising quarantines. However, not every business can afford to close for weeks while this pandemic runs its course.

During this pandemic, business owners can turn a bad situation around by taking advantage of the marketing opportunities. You’re likely to see a decrease in ad spend competition and PR placement, and as more people are staying home and surfing the Web, you may be able to open yourself to a whole new audience. Here’s how to make the most of your marketing campaign during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Focus on SEO

We all know the importance of optimizing your online presence for SEO. However, during the pandemic, it’s likely that many companies are focusing less on the SEO efforts within their specific industries and are instead appealing to audiences researching COVID-19. This is a good time, then, to ramp up your SEO efforts within your industry.

Research your competition and see who has trended in your sector. What keywords do they appeal to? What are some topics they’ve covered that you may be able to work with? Using tools like Google AdWords and IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator are great places to start.

Take Advantage of Reduced Traffic

While many businesses will likely see the opportunity to market during COVID-19, some won’t take the chance. Why? Advertisers that are directly involved in production may hesitate to advertise heavily in an attempt to offset the financial impact of supply chain issues. If a supplier suddenly closes, the businesses in question could be in big trouble if they’ve gotten sales they can’t fulfill.

Look to increase your ad spending for search engines and social media if you can. You’re going to be reaching a larger captive audience as more and more people stay home and need ways to entertain themselves. The combination of a big audience and reduced competition could prove invaluable, giving you a competitive edge even when the coronavirus is a thing of the past.

Reach Out to Your Audience

No matter who you appeal to, reach out to them in the midst of this outbreak. For instance, let’s say your ideal audience is working parents. If their jobs are closed or school is cancelled, they’re in a whole new world becoming homeschool parents for the time being.

Adjust your marketing strategy to acknowledge the new obstacles that COVID-19 may be putting on your demographic. How can your business help them not only during this outbreak but also after the worst?

COVID-19 is a frightening development, and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. By using some of these marketing strategies, you can make the best of a bad situation and set your business up for success even when the coronavirus settles.