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FinalStepMarketing invading the Disrupt conference in San Francisco!

Final Step Marketing Final Step Marketing

FinalStepMarketing will be invading the largest start-up conference this September and helping it’s clients introduce their revolutionary products to the world. Look out for us September 21st through 23rd at Disrupt San Francisco!

In light of our much anticipated attendance we will be running several contests. First for our valued fans! The sticker with our logo will be posted in various locations around the conference. The first person to spot one, take a photo, and post it on any social media tagging our page will receive $300 cash prize or a free comprehensive business analysis.

We will also be hosting the most innovative product contest. To keep things fair our clients will not be participating. The company that we deem to have the most unique, trend changing, and needed product will receive free marketing strategy creation or optimization + $500 worth of free paid media inventory or services, courtesy of FinalStepMarketing.

We are very excited to attend this event and meet so many entrepreneurial minds, who are working hard to change our lives. Over the past 16 years we’ve had the opportunity to provide marketing services for small businesses all over the world! Perhaps the favorite and most rewarding part about my job, and there’re many aspects that I love, is the ability to work with so many different innovative products. I love the fact that I get to learn about new industries every day. Back in college I remember one of my professors talking about how fast marketing changes and that the things we learn will be near obsolete just a few years after graduation. In many ways he was right, and this had me worried about falling behind as i’ve seen happen to many talented workers in other industries. Luckily the diverse nature of my job has allowed me to stay on top of all technologies and latest trends, which makes every day exciting and full of surprises.

We are looking forward to meeting all of our fans at Disrupt, but for those unable to attend the conference; you will have a chance to meet us at an awesome B2B mixer on November 11th (tickets available at – We will be the first speaker of the night and will be followed by ConstantContact, so you are bound to learn a lot from true industry experts. We will be covering our tested and proven approach to marketing campaign launch, the importance of using market research and analytics to your advantage, customer profiling and segmentation, and providing valuable insights into effective campaign management.

In other news, our NYC branch is rapidly expanding and seeking qualified individuals to fill business development and quantitative research positions. This is a great opportunity to work with a diverse, energetic, and if I may so say myself absolutely awesome individuals!