Google Analytics Data is Not Enough – Top 5 Ways to Capture Valuable Marketing Data

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Google Analytics Data is Not Enough – Top 5 Ways to Capture Valuable Marketing Data

There is no doubt about the fact that Google Analytics has completely transformed the world of data collection. Businesses are now able to track the online behavior of their customers with the help of different Google Plugins and features. However, Google Analytics should not be seen as an all-in-all solutionto collect data, and more avenues should be explored in order to gather valuable information about the customers. That is because more and more industries are now using analytics for business decisions. Here are the top 5 ways in which a business can grow their database without spending excessively.

1. Incentivize

Google Analytics DataOnce you have established what kind of data you require for your analytical marketing strategy, you just need to use a combination of different methods to collect that data. Giving your customers incentives in exchanges for useful information is a surefire way of gathering valuable information.

You might have an excellent survey developed, but if the customers do not have any motivation to take part in it, you will not be able to reach your end goal. Hence, you can offer vouchers, discounts, and free consultations to your customers if they take part in your data gathering efforts.

2.  Subscriptions

Giving repeating reminders and opportunities to your customers to become a part of your database is equally important. You never know when might customer select the option you give them. It is,therefore,strongly recommended to frequently give them the option of subscribing through the use of business cards, physical leaflets, or online campaigns.

3. Recommendations

Many businesses also promote word of mouth through the use of incentives. Reminding your customers to share their experience with their friends and family is also another very useful method to increase exposure and gather additional data.

You can do this by incorporating a “Send to a Friend” option on your social media platforms or offer rewards in exchange for such type of marketing.

4. Observations

If you are looking for ways to gather transactional data, you should give more importance to observational methods than surveys. This is because surveys fail to prepare businesses for the real situation since customers sometimes perceive themselves differently and there is a huge difference between what is recorded and what is observed.

5. Social Media

Social MediaThe world of social media has made access to customers and their information extremely easy. Businesses can find a majority of their customer base active on different social media platforms and can, therefore, use them to gain greater exposure.

You can use data gathered through the profiles and behaviors of your target audience. However, this data might not prove to be true as there are variations in the actual behavior and what you expect just by observing the customer’s profile. But by promoting your business on social media platforms and using a combination of the ways mentioned above (incentivize, subscriptions) you can gather a strong database.

Apart from all these valuable strategies to gather data, you can also consider getting help from an analytics marketing agency that can ease your way into using analytics for business decisions. Also, along with improved data collection methods, you should aim for sophisticated ways to maintain your database. Make sure that there is no duplication of data or any errors by revisiting it regularly.