Toy and Game Marketing

Though the products are designed for fun, the toy and game industry is anything but playful. It’s incredibly competitive, demanding and always evolving.

Final Step Marketing is a NYC-based toy and game marketing agency with extensive brand building experience. We have the passion and experience to help you thrive in an industry that depends on it.

By working with Final Step Marketing, you can have access to your own marketing department with scalable marketing services – without the overhead and costs of running one in house. This ensures that you stay competitive and relevant in a fast-changing industry.

Our expert NYC toy and game marketing firm, can assist with detailed market research, creating or maintaining and refining online campaigns, and marketing collateral creation so you can elevate your brand.

Standing out from the crowd

An online strategy is enough to make a splash, but is it enough to truly dominate the industry? You must stress your unique selling propositions, and we are the creative team to do it.

What challenges are you facing in your everyday experiences as a toy or game company?

  • Staying on top of market expectations and adjusting your product/message accordingly.
  • Getting results and interest from online advertising, social media, offline events and more.
  • Crafting a clear brand identity that can generate buzz among yourtarget demographics.

We know the difficulties of growing while facingfierce competitionand key areas of concern in your operation. All of these aspects are intensified when dealing with a demanding young demographic.

How do you do it all? When working with our toy and game marketing agency, you get an incredible level of support and clear answers. With us, you can see your digital marketing presence, and thus your revenue, grow.

We can help with the following and so much more for your toy or game company:

  • Create a multi-channel effective marketing strategy to appeal to your specific target market
  • Assisting with market research and setting up analytics and tracking for your business
  • Build a scalable brand strategy as your business moves forward
  • Create buzz and appeal in the right channels at the right time as you develop your latest products
  • Utilize sales presentations, videos, and content development to generate more sales or investor capital
  • Organizing events or finding key conferences for networking and brand exposure
Toy and game marketing

Utilizing the right channels for results

We know what drives demand, as we rely on your analytics and data to make better decisions for your campaigns.

For example, we know that social media is one of the primary channels that work well for a wide range of toy and game companies. Over 50% of teens between age 13 and 17 use social media daily, and if that’s your target demographic, you’ll certainly want to be promoting your products there.

Understanding yourdemographics well and the channels they useare a must for you to expand your brand and your market share. As an experiencedgame and toy marketing agency, we will find new opportunities

to grow your business while tapping into tried-and-tested techniques that have worked for us in the past.

With our creative approach to digital marketing, you can achieve the revenue success you knew you were always capable of but has always seemed just out of reach.

By allowing us to manage your most pressing marketing needs, you can focus on the areas of your toy or game business that need the most attention, such as developing new features, responding to customer demands, and looking for ways to innovate.

Receive a free 30-minute consultation by contacting us at (646)-504-0611. Get some expert guidance for your toy or game brandandpractical ideas for leveraging digital channels for growth.