SEO Tactics for a Hair Extensions Business

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SEO Tactics for a Hair Extensions Business

customersIn this day and age, due to the extremely competitive market, companies compete with each other on many fronts. One of these fronts is the recognition on the internet. While having a website is an integral part of starting a business, it doesn’t matter how good your website looks if no one can find it.

This is where the real battle for recognition on the internet starts. In order to enhance your business and make it appeal to a broader audience, here are five SEO tactics to improve your hair extensions business.

1. Add Trends to FAQ

Since SEO relies mainly on the keywords relevant to your website, you should allow your customers to discuss current trends in the FAQ section of your website. Other than giving a good impression to customers, adding FAQs can also increase traffic to your website.

2. Metadata

Probably one of the most important things to have on your website, metadata gives people a general idea of the content on the website. Metadata can also motivate people to stay on the site longer rather than simply bouncing off the site as soon as they open it. Metadata will also help your website stay on top of the recommended list.

One of the biggest mistakes that other companies make is that they don’t update their metadata. This puts them at a significant disadvantage when compared to the other companies that heavily focus on their metadata.

3. Have Good PR

hair-extensionThis is probably the most important thing for both your hair extension business, as good public relations can either build or destroy a company. While handling customers you must tend to their queries and complaints and take them as valid criticism about your product or service.

Respond to their questions and provide active customer support. Furthermore, try your best to provide accurate information that is relevant to the keyword the person is searching or this could be a major problem for your company’s reputation, leading it to go lower on the list.

4. A Fast Website

According to the times that we live in, your credible and accurate website won’t be any good if you have a slow website. With the incredibly fast-paced lifestyle that people live, even if your website is one of the first suggestions, a slow website can really de-motivate your target audience who may not like to wait for the site to load.

5. Get Your Company on Google My Business Listing

Google My Business ListingFor those who don’t know, Google My Business Listing puts companies and businesses in local and product specific searches. By adding your business to this service people near your company’s location as well, most relevant searches will find you instantly. This is a must have for any business, as it gives you an edge over the rest of your competition.

While local marketing is very important, SEO brings companies on a whole new playing field. By using the aforementioned SEO tactics, you can rise above the rest of the competition in the hair extension industry. However, your marketing and SEO can only do so much, so while SEO holds its own importance, you must also focus on the products you are offering as well.