Why Your Small Business Needs Social Signals

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Why Your Small Business Needs Social Signals

What Are Social SignalsSocial media has now turned into more than just a platform to connect with other people. It has now become a platform where companies can meet possible buyers.

Many companies nowadays use social media to gain traction for their product or in other words, create hype. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat run continuous ads on their platforms.

Now you may argue that you have a small business and that’s why social media cannot give your business the same exposure it gives large businesses. That is where social signals come in.

What Are Social Signals?

Social signals are the likes, shares, views, subscriptions, etc. that reflect the popularity of your brand on social media. The core purpose of a search engine is to provide relevant and accurate information. Social signals play a huge part in determining relevance for a search engine. The search engine records visits of the website visitors to a page and the likes on that webpage. This increases the web page’s rank in searches.

Ways of Gaining Social Signals

As a small business, it will be very hard to get the attention you require to make your business visible on the internet. As the competition intensifies, you will have to turn to other ways to move your brand forward. Luckily, there is more than one way to advertise and promote your brand. You can use the social signals to get the attention of your potential customers. For example, many likes on your YouTube video can be a great signal for more people to watch it. Many likes on the video can serve as another strong social signal for people on the internet.

Natural vs. Unnatural

Simply put, natural is when there is no price, favor or incentive offered in exchange for likes. In other words, people like and share your content due to general interest in it. Unnatural is the opposite. People make offers including favors or money to promote someone’s content. These promoters can be social media icons, firms or simpletons with a somewhat large following. Simpletons mostly make offers to share or like their post, and they will do the same. However, companies and internet personalities will take money in exchange for their services.

Impact of Social Signals on SEO

SEOIncreased social signals show a reputable domain authority and prove a URL’S value. Although there is no proof to suggest that social signals directly influence SEO, many people believe it to be so.

When people actively share and like a page, it proves the information is accurate or relevant to their current search. Backlinks also have an impact on SEO as search engines also trace webpages back to your webpage.

Other than large social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, other lesser-used sites like Pinterest and Tumblr affect social signals as well. In conclusion, as competition has stepped up so should you. Social signals not only affect your searchability but you can use them for other marketing purposes as well. For example, you could use a four or five-star rating of your product on your website to win people’s trust and make it easy for them to purchase it.