Yes, the popular saying in the marketing world, “Content Is King,” holds true. The way you phrase your message can influence sales as much as the quality of your product. Too often we come across companies who offer a brilliant service or product, but fail to relate it efficiently to their customers’ needs. Too many businesses speak to every segment of their market the same way, and as a result end up reaching no-one on the deep emotional level that creates engagement.

There are many good writers out there, but writing is just one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to developing high quality content. The first step is getting to know your customers. A clear understanding of each segment’s demographics, psychographics, and pain-points allows you to speak to the customer as a trusted source rather than a salesman. Our writers work side by side with experienced researchers to make sure the content they create doesn’t just sound good, but resonates with the client and drives engagement.

Building great content takes more than a good writer and an eye for detail. Our goal is to develop content that:

• Hits the right pain-points
• Resonates with the customers psychographic profile
• Explains the product or service in the most concise and efficient way possible
• Puts the company in the best possible light by emphasizing community service and corporate social responsibility
• Leads to engagement and ultimately conversion through creative and intelligent call to action

Building content that sounds good is easy, but we go a few steps beyond the basics. We study the business, the industry, and the customer base first. This is a necessary step that most content writers neglect. To write high converting content you have to understand the reader on a deep, emotional level so the writing resonates with them. You have to understand the competitors so the content stands out and distinguishes the business. You have to understand the market so the right expectations, predictions, and technologies are addressed

All content built by FinalStepMarketing has several key elements in common:

• Concise, easy to read, and sends the right message across
• Engaging and favorable to share with friends and colleagues
• Follows and contributes to all established brand guidelines
• SEO optimized, following all Google and Bing best practices

Call to action is always our ultimate goal. We build content that guides the customer through your website, video, or marketing collateral in a way that’s favorable for you. We make sure to expose your top selling points first and develop your copy in a way that warms up the prospect with each step, until they are ready take the next step.
Content we built has been featured on award winning websites, has gotten press coverage on some of the most competitive publications, and has gotten us an industry leading customer retention rate. Most clients who come to us for content writing end up taking advantage of many other services, because our work leads to conversion. Trust your communications to one of the top content writing experts in NYC!