Proposal Writing

We know how to speak to potential clients, we know how to identify their pain-points, and we know how to format communications to reach them on a personal level. This is the very service we would like to offer to you. Whether you need an RFP, RFQ, IFB, SOW, an investor pitch deck, or a sales letter drafted, we can develop top quality content that is well researched, presented in appropriate format, and delivered ahead of schedule.

If there is one thing every business owner hates, it’s writing proposals. You built your business to help people and grow your passion, not to spend time writing lengthy contracts and proposals at all hours of the night. Unfortunately it is a reality and a necessity for most businesses. Lucky for you FinalStep is here to help. We do presentations and help customers prepare for pitches on a weekly basis. We know how to make a great proposal that captures a clients attention, it’s no accident that you are still reading this.

We know how stressful it can be to pitch an important client or present to your company’s board. Let us take care of the groundwork, so you can focus on the deliverable. Trust your proposal writing to an established NYC based marketing firm that knows what it takes to attract and retain quality customers.