4 Common Direct Marketing Mistakes


4 Common Direct Marketing Mistakes

Direct marketing is certainly not new, but it remains one of the most reliable forms of reaching your potential customers. It is a potential goldmine for companies that have yet to implement it. Studies have found that 77% of people who receive direct mail are likely to sort through it no matter what it is, whichsignificantly increases the chance of an open and a response.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, has become so overwhelming for most consumers that many of the messages are largely ignored, even emails with highly compelling subject lines.If you plan on launching a direct mail marketing campaign in the near future, it’s a wise decision to hire a direct marketing agency in NYC to avoid these 4 common mistakes which can ruin the effectiveness of your efforts:

Mistake #1 – Not drawing up a targeted list

It’s essential to put a targeted list together before your first set of mailings, but of course this is easier said than done. You almost always will want to avoid using any purchased list or a general list of leads. Take the time to perform the research so that you can draw up a highly targeted list, or hire a direct marketing agency in NYC to help you with it. You’ll always get a much better response from your campaign. Examples of a targeted list include:lukewarm leads, inactive customers, or people who have purchased a similar product in the past.

Mistake #2 – Not including a sales letter

Even if it is short, you will always want to include a sales letter in your direct mail campaign. This may be in the form of a short brochure or flyer, but at the very least you’ll want a headline, the top benefits of your product or service, and a strong closing with a call to action. Surprisingly, many businesses completely neglect to include any sales letter at all with their direct mailings, which is a clear mistake and a waste of time and money.

Mistake #3 – Using poor quality copy

The quality of your sales copy makes all the difference in terms of the success of any direct mail campaign. If you have any tested, proven sales copy that you know will convert, it’s best to use that first and foremost before experimenting with anything else. Use similar sales copy that may have been successful in your past direct or digital marketing efforts, or make sure that it is written by an experienced copywriter at your business or at a NYC direct marketing agency.

Mistake #4 – Not combining direct marketing with digital marketing

You’re probably aware that many customers end up using the web to purchase the products or services that interest them, even if the initial pitch is in the form of a direct mailing. That means that you need to have an appropriate landing page ready to go so that you can direct the traffic from your mailing into your sales funnel. It’s a mistake to neglect combining your direct marketing with your digital marketing, and you’ll end up losing out on valuable potential leads if you do so.

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